10 Ways to ‘Reach Out’ When You’re Struggling With Your Mental Health

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I’m a mental health writer and advocate, and a suicide attempt survivor. I’ve told people on this blog many times, “Keep reaching out.” I’ve written multiple articles preaching the importance of vulnerability, defying stigma, and owning your struggles.

This is my whole thing, okay? This is what I do.

So when one of my closest friends died by suicide a few weeks ago, I wasn’t just shocked — I was completely gutted.

I thought there was never a question of whether or not my loved ones could reach out to me. But the very person who I’d talked to so often about mental health… didn’t call me.

Not even to say goodbye.

Screenshot 2018-03-03 at 10.30.59 AMThe last night I spent with them.

In the weeks following their suicide, my grief took me to dark places. I soon began having my own suicidal thoughts. And even then, when it was my turn to…

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Meet: Sixten, The Energetic Kromfohrländer

Keeping watch to the right…
…and to the left.


Intense focus is needed to make sure the (teeny tiny) stick doesn’t go anywhere.


~Tired after a whole day of playing around~